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LUNCH MENU / Main Course

Also served as an express lunch at £8.50

Main dishes are all served with steamed rice
You can choose between a choice of chicken, pork or  mixed vegetables

7   Pad Med Mamuang - Stir fried with Cashew Nuts
A stir fried dish full of flavour made with Cashew nuts , onions , mushrooms , carrots and peppers  
8   Pad Piew Wan - Sweet and Sour
Stir fried sweet and sour sauce with onions , peppers , carrots and pieces of pineapple 
9   Pad Prik Kra Pao - Chilli and Hot Basil***
A hot and spicy stir fried dish made with freshly sliced chillies , peppers and onions. Flavoured
with soy sauce and Thai hot basil
10   Pad Khing - Ginger and Onion
A stir fried dish with shredded fresh ginger , onions , mushrooms , peppers and carrots 
11   Kratiem Prik Thai - Garlic and Pepper
A stir fried dish made with a homemade pepper and garlic sauce , carrots and peppers 
12   Nam Man Hoi - Stir Fried with oyster sauce
Stir fried oyster sauce with peppers, cabbages and carrots 
13   Kaeng Kiew Wan - Green curry **
A famous Thai curry dish made with green curry paste , aubergines , bamboo shots , peppers ,
coconut milk and basil
14   Kaeng Daeng - Red curry **
A popular thai dish made with red curry paste , aubergines , bamboo shoots , peppers , coconut
milk and basil
15   Kai Yang - Grilled chicken
Grilled Chicken marinated in honey and spices and served with a Thai sweet chilli sauce 
16   Chicken Teriyaki
Grilled Chicken marinated in Teriyaki sauce and spice served with a Teriyaki sauce 
17   Pad Thai Noodle dishes - served without steamed rice
Thai style Stir Fried rice noodles with eggs and tamarind sauce. And garnished with spring onions , ground peanuts and bean sprouts
18   Pad Kee Mao - Spicy noodles ** Noodle dishes (served without steamed rice)
Flat rice noodles stir fried with fresh chilli , peppers , onions , carrots , bamboo shoots and hot basil
19   Extra Charge of
£1.00 for Egg Fried Rice , Coconut Rice , Rice Noodles ,Egg Noodles or Sticky Rice
£2.00 for Prawn Dishes
£3.00 for Seafood Dishes (Prawn & Squid)
£3.50 for Extra Starter

Denote  *Mild  **Medium  ***Hot

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