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DINNER MENU / Grilled and Specialities

29   Pla Chu Chee - Crispy Fish in a Rich Curry Sauce* £ 14.95
Crispy deep fried sea bream topped with a rich red curry sauce and Thai basil leaves 
30   Pla Rad Pik - Three Flavoured fish £ 14.95
Crispy deep fried sea bream topped with the combinations of a three flavoured sauce and Thai
basil leaves.
31   Crispy Fish in a Green Curry Sauce** £ 14.95
Crispy deep fried sea bream topped with a rich green curry sauce and thai basil leaves. 
32   Pla Tod Kratiem - Garlic and Pepper Sauce £ 14.95
Crispy deep fried sea bream topped with a homemade stir fried garlic , pepper and coriander paste  
33   Ped Yang - Roasted Duck £ 11.95
Duck  marinate in spices then roasted served off the bone on top of stir fried vegetables bedding and glazed with home made sauce. 
34   Crispy Duck in Tamarind sauce £ 11.95
Crispy fried roasted duck served with a tamarind sauce and garnished with crispy onion. 
35   Weeping Tiger £ 13.50
Grilled stirloin steak sliced onto a hot plate with a dash of rice wine served with chilli powder
mixed together with a spicy roasted rice sauce
36   Pla Krapong Neung - Steamed Sea Bass £ 18.95
This is one of our most recommended dishes. Sea bass steamed with
Ginger and mushrooms in a light stock or Spicy chilli and lemon sauce**
37   Kai Yang £ 8.95
Grilled chicken marinated in honey and spices served off the bone with a Thai sweet chilli sauce 
38   Chicken Teriyaki £ 8.95
Grilled teryaki chicken served off the bone with teryaki sauce. 

Denote  *Mild  **Medium  ***Hot

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