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1   Poh pia - Vegetable Spring Roll £ 4.50
Spring roll filled with stir fry mixed vegetable and Patak Philippe Gondolo Replica clear vermicelli
noodles, deep fried till crispy and served with sweet chilli sauce. 
2   Tod Man Pla - Fish Cake * £ 4.95
Spicy fish cakes, blended together with green beans, lime leaves, 
red curry paste, served with ground peanut in sweet plum sauce. 
3   Kung Chub - Prawn Tempura £ 4.95
 King Prawns in batter, deep fried till crispy, served with Hot Replica Watches sweet chilli sauce. 
4   Kanom Pang - Prawn Toast £ 4.95
 Minced prawns mixed with spices and sesame seeds on toast,
 deep fried and served with Cartier Replica Watches sweet chilli sauce. 
5   Kanom Jeep - Steamed Dumpling £ 4.95
Steamed dumpling of minced pork, blended together with garlic,
 soy sauce, water chestnut, herbs and spices. Served with ginger
 soy Sauce.
6   Pak Chub - Vegetable Tempura £ 4.50
 Selections of vegetable in batter then deep fried, served with
 sweet chilli sauce. 
7   Hoi Neung - Steamed Mussel * £ 4.95
Steamed half shell king mussels with chilli, lemon, basil and
 lime leaves, served with home made spicy sauce. 
8   Chicken Satay £ 4.95
Marinated chicken skewers, chargrilled then lightly coated with Air-King Replica
coconut cream and served with Specialities Replica home made peanut sauce 
9   Kung Pao - Grilled King Prawn £ 4.95
King Prawn marinated in sauce, garlic and pepper then grilled
 served with home made spicy sauce.
Audemars Piguet Replica
10   Keaw Krob - Wonton £ 4.50
Deep fried wonton stuffed with vegetable and Jaeger LeCoultre Replica potato served  
with sweet chilli sauce. 
11   Thai Spice mixed platters £ 5.50
The combinations of two pieces of spring roll, two pieces of
prawn toast, King Prawn and vegetable Tempura. 
  A basket of prawn craker £ 1.95
Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 

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